"May I help you?"
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(My teacher just press play to this film in class and taking a break.)  
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Yeah no but what about the reversed version of them???? Baseball bat girl and hammerboy in each their own costume. Look how cool hammerboy could be. And how aggresive is the baseball bat girl.
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Jack is hardcore as fuck

scare me like one of your french girls

For money money, the most interesting thing about this confrontation is how completely it inverts the final scenes of a typical Disney film. In most cases, the hero is physically and/or supernaturally outmatched, and triumphs through determination and ingenuity; here, the villain spends the the whole fight running scared, while the protagonist casually no-sells everything that’s thrown at him. And there’s no ironic Disney Death keeping the protagonist’s hands clean, either. Jack just straight-up murders Oogie with malice aforethought while Oogie is running away - and by having Santa Claus himself strike the final blow, the film legitimises Jack’s killing of Oogie as the morally correct course of action.

You don’t fuck around with the motherfucking pumpkin king
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Photo Set

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Let’s raise children who wont have to recover from their childhoods



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Pizzas are romantical. Trust me.
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"Cowards get killed before war even started."
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…aaand this is our “spoiled kid” respond. 
#theraid2 #uco #doodle #draw #drawing #fanart #theraid2berandal #sketch
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"Welcome back, spoiled kid." In which, this is Eka greeting Uco in another world not so long after he died.
(Psst. He’s actually shocked seeing Uco again.)
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Photo Set

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Katniss and Prim.
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Commision from @varsmallow.
The two frost has met. Bejo and Jack Frost ahahahah
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Uco from “The Raid 2: Berandal/Thug”. 
Our annoying spoiled young master.
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Andi from “The Raid”. 
Rama’s older beloved brother.
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